More than 20 Taiwan in Hunan land with the return of the Mid Autumn Festival – Beijing 追踪309

More than 20 Taiwan in Hunan land with the "return" of the Mid Autumn Festival – Beijing, China News Agency, Loudi, September 16 (Li Xiangpao): "when I was young, my homesickness was a small stamp, in my head, my mother was there…… And now, homesickness is a shallow strait, me on this side and the mainland on the other." The poet Yu Guangzhong in the middle of "nostalgic" as home care and attachment. September 15th is the traditional Chinese festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, more than 20 in Hunan, Taiwan, Loudi Ji land back to the "home" and family reunion. From 12 onwards, the Taiwan Affairs Office of Loudi city and Taiwan city of Kaohsiung new resident sisters Care Association matchmaking, they said at the "love month round two?" Loudi Lu with joy back home activities, enjoy the hometown of the hometown of the beauty of local customs and practices, the taste of delicacy, feel the change and development in mainland China the. 2004 Hunan Loudi Taiwan married bride Li Pingxiang, usually more through TV and the Internet to understand the mainland changes. "Miss, not every hour and moment attention to his hometown, the" mother back to reunite with family ‘, many people moved to tears. The people of our hometown are also thinking about us." After visiting Zheng Guofan’s hometown in Loudi County of Shuangfeng in the late Qing Dynasty minister, Dai Meiyun specially for children to buy a set of "Zheng Guofan book", "want to let them know more about some of the continent’s history and culture, always remember another home across the strait". 20 years ago, Dai Meiyun now has settled the island to adapt to the local life, compared with the first arrived, she deeply, the development change rapidly. Across the sea to return home, the most memorable is to land with Luo Changjian for a long time without the authentic taste of home". "The home of many people will take care of their loved ones, not resemble their loved ones. In return, I hope in the future for the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides doing its bit." Loudi Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Hua Xuejian said, "Su Yang ancestral root source, Huaizong" is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, in the hope that Taiwan land with often go home after returning to more people around introduced the development and changes in the home, for Cross Straits Economic and cultural exchanges, offer advice and suggestions. (end)相关的主题文章:

After World War II for the first time to allow foreign troops stationed in Norway next year, 330 U.S 小坂めぐる

After World War II first allowed foreign troops to 330 troops next year in Norway – Norway Department of Defense Military Channel Sohu announced on 24 January next year, will allow the United States to Wayne Martinez military base in central Norway station 330 marines. This is the first time since World War II to allow foreign troops stationed in Norway. Norway’s defense minister ina? Soreide said in a statement, the United States proposed through the deployment of a Marine Corps troops rotation methods to enhance the training and exercises in Norway, Norway expressed very welcome. According to the plan, Norway will be in 2017 to assess the operation of the trial period, and then decided to arrange after 2017. Wayne said the U.S. military stationed at the base of the military will be located in the United States and the United States will provide more joint military exercises between the two countries, and to enhance the ability of joint operations of the two sides of the war, said Sered. Relevant training and exercise activities will not be limited to Wayne Ness military bases, but also in other places. Norway is one of the founding members of the North Atlantic Treaty organization. Other NATO allies, such as the United States, have long held military exercises in Norway, but they have never been stationed in the army. The Norway allows U.S. troops to cause domestic opposition criticism. The Norway socialist left party leader AI Vesteralen? Marius Buchan told National Radio of Norway, this is not a good sign, "Norway" should strengthen national defense force, rather than seeking a permanent US military presence in some form".相关的主题文章:

Long March five launch in Hainan, Wenchang ready (video) wharfedale

"Long five" Hainan Wenchang ready to launch soon in Hainan Wenchang Long March five ready to launch the work long march five Click to see more pictures of the long march rocket number five in early September to the Wenchang spaceport, in accordance with the mission test launch process, completed the assembly, testing and other preparatory work. On October 28th at 8:25 in the morning, carrying a long march five rocket launch platform from launching vertical test plant, drive about 2 hours after the safe transport to the launch area. After the completion of the rocket function checks and joint testing, and confirm the final state, the long march five rocket will be filled with propellant, according to plan to launch. As a new generation of carrier rockets in China at present the largest carrying capacity, long march five incorporates a number of new space technology, the first 5 meters in diameter rocket body structure, the first use of non-toxic and pollution-free hydrogen / oxygen LOX / kerosene engine and combined off scheme, new control system development of a highly reliable, with the upgrading of the milepost the significance of our rocket development. China News Agency, Wenchang, November – (reporter Wang Ziqian) – China’s largest thrust carrier rocket Long March five will be selected earlier this month in Hainan, Wenchang, the launch of the space launch site in. Reporters learned that 2 days, the current reception in Wenchang has been basically ready. China News Agency reporter 2, drove to the space dragon town, a smooth road traffic. In the first few months ago, Lou Zhen calm meet the "long five" launch. "In the pre launch test business, to meet the tastes of tourists around." The town roads on both sides of many newly opened restaurant, a restaurant owner surnamed Huang optimistic about business. The current size of Lou Zhen hotel in recent days have no room for the price department, the price shall not exceed three times daily. According to statistics, the "Long March seven" rocket launch Lou Zhen ushered in the 100 thousand visitors and 20 thousand cars, space tourism hot hot. Wenchang City Tourism Department of the launch before planning 2 group tour line, 6 driving circuit, are "space travel" as the main attraction, connected space science center, Aerospace Science Museum, Wenchang city and town buildings space many famous scenic spots, beautiful countryside and village etc.. Prior to the launch, Wenchang announced the best viewing point with 7 reception capacity. The reporter saw in the viewing point ShanHaiTian Beach Hotel, here has been set up to several kilometers of the fence, to prevent tourists too close to the sea, there are signs that evacuation channels, in addition to many tourist toilets have been built and put into use. Hainan Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps issued a notice, the long march five during the launch of the Wenchang space launch site surrounding roads and roads leading to the implementation of traffic control in Wenchang. This mentality is relatively mature and stable, more calm and calm." Lou Zhen propaganda committee member Cai Feiyan said, Lou Zhen has on evacuation, tourist reception, health care, food safety, fire safety and other aspects of the arrangements.相关的主题文章:

Beijing – Guangxi – a tourist group of tourists poisoning more than and 20 people hospitalized in in 3edyy

Beijing – VIDEO – Guangxi tour tourists collective poisoning more than and 20 people 2 people hospitalized in ICU of Guangxi tour tourists collective poisoning more than and 20 people 2 people hospitalized in intensive care [comment] recently, a tour of Hong Kong and Macao on the way back to Hezhou, nearly thirty members suddenly appeared vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms have a fever, was rushed to the hospital, including two patients and was admitted to the intensive care room. August 23rd, the reporter learned at the Hezhou Railway Station, the tour group from Guangxi, Hezhou, a total of 91 people. In the afternoon, members in Zhuhai city after dinner, there are a lot of people appeared vomiting in the Guangzhou South Railway Station bus. [Tan Zhaoming] over the visitors at that time in the car I was quite serious, because the pull, pull a dozen times in the Guangzhou South Railway Station, after pulling in the same shape as the trousers are not, put in the Guangzhou South Railway Station. [comment] in the south of Guangzhou to Hezhou on the train, the existing 21 members appeared vomiting and diarrhea, after the relevant departments in Hezhou city received calls, the composition of the expert group consultation, to treat sick tourists. [] the same period before and after the Hezhou Guangji hospital dean Zhao Lanying we sent three ambulances to the 15 patient, now the patient general condition at present also, there are three relatively heavy, is a fever of 39 degrees 6 and two of them have abdominal pain is relatively heavy, in the ICU. The 15 patients all infusion. From the current symptoms of food poisoning should be considered, or food poisoning. [comment] due to the timely treatment, as of press time, all patients are in stable condition, the tourists Mr Yip told reporters that he is at the beginning of August this year received a invitation to Hongkong to attend the first session of the Chinese elderly sports dance in Hong Kong and macao. [the same period] the purpose of the cultural exchange is the purpose of Mr. Yip, is to go to the elderly to dance competition, we observe, observe the way to travel. Go down the avenue of stars pictures 10 minutes on the train, to the exhibition center, half an hour off camera, and then went to Venice to work for an hour today, the former residence of Sun Zhongshan, 30 minutes or 20 minutes, is the rush trip, when shopping for 2 hours for 3 hours, you do not buy but you can not go out. [interpretation] on this, travel guides have different interpretations. [the same period] Yulin travel agency tour guide Liu Rong opened the meeting will belong to sightseeing shopping group, have signed a contract of the kind. (there is no account of the middle of shopping and other matters) confessed, we have to say clearly. He Huimin, Hezhou, Guangxi, reported by,相关的主题文章:

In the circle of friends to see the world, it is true to say goodbye to the last 2016 false – Sohu t www.h4610.com

Look over the world in the circle of friends is really a fake – finally bid farewell to the 2016 tourism Sohu in the last week of eleven holiday, although the national highway in the traffic around the hotel have been full, each city scenic entrance are lined up, ninety-nine percent tourists suffer the fate of being slaughtered. But there is still a first body for travel up to the people, to avoid N or minefield mining niche or interesting or delicious way to travel, live the grand circle of friends for us. Who said that the holiday home is about to die? You can make your own food! Who said the vacation will go out by huge crowds of people buried? That must be the way you open it! How to the most beautiful gesture in the circle of friends, and praise? Take a look at the travel of people is how to break the eleven holiday! Hin looks the most beautiful scenery along the way to record (@ Chen Yingxin photo) [Beihai] is not the real beauty of the attractions that People are hurrying to and fro., the appreciation of the heart — from Weizhou Island sunset cliff. (Guangzhou Fei Xiao Bian winning photo) [Shenzhen] no matter what city, I almost go to see the sunset there. Pushed open the door, by the seaside sunset amazing, golden light to the beach, will shine. (Chen Lingping) [Xiamen] the last typhoon hit Xiamen, so the eleven holiday gave us a good weather. Now Gulangyu Islet is almost everyone, but Huang CuO Beach Road around the island is very quiet, the coastal walk to feel the fresh breeze, romantic and poetic. (@ Shanghai flying small Shi Lizhi photo) [Qinghai] Saline Lake tea card, like a fairyland. Just to see tramp over mountains and through ravines, the legend of the mirror in the sky. (@ Chongqing fly small Chou tannin photo) [Zhangye] rolling in the Qilian mountains with vast hilly grassland, the route from Xining to Zhangye national highway G227, like painting in general, is the third time I went to. (early @1991 photo) [Inner Mongolia] Wulanbu series this time has gradually faded prairie colors, but most exudes a soft light in autumn. (@Cynkia) [Kanas] autumn is the most beautiful season of Populus euphratica forest. Leaves flashing, flashing yellow light, reflected in the blue sky, the most beautiful fairy tale in autumn. (@Jim) [Lijiang] at the moment I am in more than four thousand meters on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, this piece of Paradise snowy glaciers clouds, from the foot to the top of the hill, fully two of the world. (@ Zhang box photo) [Xinjiang] was locked in the mountain for two days, but finally go down. Fortunately, this snow, let the dushanzi-korla highway become more beautiful, more than the continuous snow capped mountains, spectacular alps! (little Sally) (Oakland, New Zealand) in the night sky, the sky is clear and bright. A wayward time, I lived in the mansion, see exclusive courtyard stars here. (@ volume coco photo) [Finland] this is the color of autumn in Finland.!相关的主题文章: